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Whatever reason might have brought you on this website, but one thing is certain God has a plan and purpose in your life. You are not by chance or accidentally on this earth, you have been sent forth by God almighty with a special task. You are precious to God and He loves you so much, that’s why he has created you in His own image. You can’t find God’s purpose and plan in your life in yourself, or in other people, or in the things of this world. God has made that plan for you and that can only be found in God alone.

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JESUS CHRIST CAME TO SEEK and to save the lost, we feel compelled to do the same. But Jesus went beyond rescuing people from hell; He wanted to make them fit for heaven. Through various sub-ministries of the church, we desire people not only to meet Christ but also over time, we desire for all believers to become spiritually mature (complete) as evidenced by participation in authentic worship, by serving Christ, by working to reach the world for Christ, by personal spiritual growth, by compassionate servitude, and by a good understanding of Scripture and correct doctrine.

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WE CANNOT FULFILL CHRIST’S MISSION ALONE as individuals. We are not lone-rangers for Christ. We are a church because God wants us to be something together and represent Him with our unified diversity. Our goal together is to further His kingdom in our midst, but we also, in obedience to His Great commission, labor to extend His kingdom worldwide. Our work is not over when we become a biblical community we’re a biblical community so that the world can see God’s love through us.

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